YouTube Influencers

Why Your Next Big Marketing Success Could Be On YouTube

When YouTube arrived on the online scene in 2005, it democratised social video, allowing anyone with the right camera equipment to film themselves doing many different entertaining things. It shouldn't surprise, therefore, that a strong influencer community has developed on the platform.

Today, YouTube is the most-used search engine after its owner, Google. Video is a formidable tool for driving shares and engagement - but, as over 500 hours of video are now uploaded to YouTube every minute, it's very much a winner-takes-all market. We can help you to become the winner.

How We Can Help With Your YouTube Strategy

YouTube has played a major part in the rise of the influencer. Using this platform, influencers can share a broad range of video content, including reviews, unboxing videos and tutorials, and have their subscribers be automatically notified whenever a new video is uploaded to the channel.

At Socially Powerful, we know the importance of content creation in winning over hearts and minds, on YouTube or elsewhere. However, after we help you to establish a solid relationship with an YouTube influencer already popular with your target audience, you can leave the influencer to do the talking.

No matter which type of company you run for which purposes, we can almost certainly track down the best YouTube influencer for you. Furthermore, results are guaranteed, thanks to our use of data, metrics and performance analysis to ensure that your social strategy truly lifts your performance.

Don't Overlook The Potential Of Micro-Influencers

Today, YouTube is a crowded place, but also one where marketing initiatives can succeed wildly beyond your expectations. Some YouTube videos which "go viral" and attract millions of views can come from influencers with only tens of thousands of subscribers.

At Socially Powerful, we know that the most effective influencer for your needs is not necessarily the one with the highest subscriber count. For this reason, we take close account of an influencer's engagement figures to ensure a campaign on that influencer's channel will genuinely drive results.

Our team know the "secret sauce" that leads a YouTube campaign, influencer-driven or otherwise, to take off. Fortunately, you can easily tap into the YouTube-related expertise which we have built up on the back of our sophisticated research and insights.

If you are interested in partnering with Socially Powerful for your next YouTube influencer marketing campaign, please contact us - we are available over the phone or if you fill in and submit a contact form on our website. To learn more about our social media prowess, you can follow us on not only YouTube but also Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also see what we have to say on our blog.


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